Poseidon Drop the Pre-Packed Scrubber for the MKVI and Se7en MK7 Rebreather - Pack your own

Poseidon MKVI and Se7en Rebreather - Scrubbers News

Good news, Poseidon are dropping the Pre-packed Scrubbers for the Type R MKVI and Se7en MK7 recreational Rebreathers

Poseidon MKVI Rebreather Type - R

The MKVI Discovery Poseidon Rebreather was launched in 2009, I have been teaching users and Instructors for many years now. It is a great recreational Rebreather. Available as a Type R for Recreational Divers and a Type T for Technical Divers.

Type-R Rebreathers are designed to be simple-to-operate. Poseidon and Molecular Products develop and produced a pre-packed scrubber cartridge (which removes the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the divers exhaled breath) so the diver did not have to pack the scrubber, the idea was to make it safer by removing the risk of the diver getting it wrong. You simply unwrapped the pre-packed scrubber and pop it into the Poseidon RB. Then at the end of a days diving you just remove the scrubber cartridge and threw it away!! Made of plastic - not so good.

Packing a Scrubber has risks

When pack a scrubber yourself you have to be careful and know what you are doing, there are risks if you get it wrong.

You should always check the expiry date for pre-packed scrubber and also for loose 797 Sorb (Sofnolime). The scrubber must be packed properly, not to hard not to soft to avoid channelling or increased breathing effort. You should get training if you are changing to user packed scrubbers, it's is quick and easy few hours. Understanding the risk, how to avoid them and then packing some scrubber under supervision to make sure you can do it correctly. You can die if you get it wrong!!

Problems with Pre-packed Scrubbers

Cost of Poseidon Pre-pack Scrubber Cartridges

Experienced RB divers were not that keen on pre-packed scrubber as they are more expensive than packing your own with loose sofnolime. After marker self pack scrubber have been available for a while but were not CE approved and therefor could not be used for training in Europe.

Waste - Dumping those Poseidon canisters

A lot of plastic (money) to throw away 12 hours after opening, even if you have only done a short 30min dive.

Environment - Plastic in land fill

With no way to re-cycle or refill it is a lot of plastic to put into land fill after a days diving. A weeks diving leaving 5 large scrubbers to go in the bin!! Also a lot of carbon from the extra fuel to carry all these scrubber around the world packed in you luggage.

Difficulty obtaining pre-packed Poseidon scrubbers for Rebreathers

Not many dive centres around the world and UK stock them (We of course do), meaning a lot of extra baggage to carry as they weigh around 3Kg each, so 15Kg for a weeks diving in the Red Sea. Loose 797 sofnolime for packing your own scrubbers is much more readily around the world.

Great News from Poseidon - Pack Your Own - Self Pack Scrubber - from March 2019

Poseidon and Molecular Products have taken the decision to phase out the one-time-use pre-packed scrubber canister. They will now produce a repackable scrubber. Videos on how to pack your oiwn scrubber should be available soon from Poseidon. We will run a free workshop for all the Poseidon RB divers we have trained here at TAL Scuba.

The new scrubber canister has already been through third-party testing conducted to the European CE standard covering rebreathers: EN14143. This means we should be able sell them and use them for training inside the EU.

I am told that the new self-pack or (pack-your-own) scrubber will have an approximate 2 hour duration, the pre-pack has a 3 hour duration. You can still get the pre-packed scrubber and the NEW self-pack or pack-your-own scrubbers should be available in March 2019.

A big step forward for the MKVI and Se7en MK7 Rebreathers

I think this is a big step forward for the Poseidon Rebreathers making them an even better choice for divers around the world - Trevor Leyland, PADI Poseidon Instructor Trainer, Service technician and PADI Course Director. Why not find out for your self, join me on a course and discover the wonderful world of bubble free diving.

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