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  • Truk Lagoon Holiday - Trip of a lifetime March 2018 - TAL Scuba

    We have 2 spaces just become available on our Truk Lagoon holiday in March 2018 Week 1 scuba dive trip to Truk Lagoon to see some of the worlds best wrecks. This will be my 3rd trip and I have to say it is the best scuba diving I have ever done anywhere in the world.

    I love wreck diving and I love Truk

    Truk Lagoon Holiday TAL Scuba

    Truk Lagoon - On Board Dive Boat Odyssey 11th-18th March 2018

    5 Dives a day, free Nitrox, All inclusive

    "Best Dive boat I have ever been on " - Trevor

    Departing London on the 9th March for the first week in Truk or the 3rd if you want to do a week in the Philippines first.

    Cost of the boat is $3295USD which should work out at around £2400 with todays exchange rates.

    Plus 5% sales TAX $164.75 USD

    Plus $50 Chuuk (Truk) Dive Permit $50

    £500 non refundable deposit balance due early December.

    What you get

    TAL Scuba is pleased to announce our Truk Lagoon holiday, we have again booked the Odyssey Liveaboard in Chuuk / Truk Lagoon - (We have the whole boat same as last time!).

    Dive some of the best wrecks in the world!

    Truk Lagoon - A small atol in the Central Pacific, part of the Federated States of Micronesia, with constant average temperatures of 25 - 32 º C both on the surface and in the water! It became famous in the Second World War when during Operation Hailstone the United States sank 12 Japanese Warships, 32 Merchant Ships and a total of 249 aircraft were destroyed. - In Short the majority of the Japanese auxiliary fleet!Truk Lagoon Holiday TAL Scuba

    Today it hosts the capital of wreck diving and is dived all year round by hundreds of lucky divers. Highlights include:

    • •Massive shipwrecks (60 + ) including destroyers, freighters, and gun boats. Not to mention submarines, flying boats and the odd plane wreck!!
    • •Huge amounts of swim throughs and wreck penetration, allowing you to see the remains of the fleets operations. Peering in the holds you can see row upon row of fighter aircraft, tanks, bulldozers, motorcycles, cars, and railroad equipment. Munitions galore, including torpedoes, containers of ammunition, radios, more weapons than you could imagine, plus the billions of personal and smaller items carried for the troops aboard.
    • •And for the non-wrecky type there is masses of fish life, including Manta rays, sharks, and fish galore!

    "...seeing is believing, words can not describe how awesome it really is!"

    Where is Truk Lagoon

    Truk Lagoon Holiday TAL Scuba

    The Dive Boat

    Truk Odyssey Truk Lagoon Holiday TAL Scuba

    Truk Lagoon Holiday ship floorplan

    The Odyssey - Diving - Every Day is different

    The dive deck is located to the stern of the main deck, and has individual tank ranks, seats and storage facilities. Most diving occurs from the ship therefore you can leave your equipment set up during your stay.

    After your dive, you can rinsing off under the fresh water showers.

    The day aboard begins at 7.00am with a hot breakfast and the first dive briefing on the sun deck at 7.45am. Usually you are able to have 2 dives before lunch, where you will usually move to a new site. After lunch there is the option to do another dive or relax on the sun deck and usually a late afternoon dive is available. Around 6.30pm is dinner and then you can relax in the lounge with a movie or you may have the option of a night dive.

    No typical day aboard The Odyssey, and schedules will vary depending on site, and requested activities. We have the whole boat, so can choose the best bits!

    Flights ATOL bonded book your own or £1845 from London Heathrow with us.

    We have secured ATOL bonded flights which we can still offer (16/9/17) for £1845 with a £750 non refundable deposit for flights.

    Why not add the Philippines 3rd March to 11th March 2018

    It's on route so why not add a week in the Philippine on route to Trul lagoon...For more information click here

    Philippines - On route to Truk Lagoon Holiday

    We also have the Option to add the Philippines for a week before the Truk trip departing on the 3rd March to 11th March 2018 then on to Truk for as week via Guam.

    PHILIPPINES : 3rd March to 11th March

    Saturday, 3 March 2018 : Depart London Heathrow at 1340, arrive, Anda (Bohol Island)

    • 7 nights full board accommodation in Luxury chalets.
    • 5 days unlimited diving with 3-4 boat dives per day, and house reef diving too!

    Then TRUK LAGOON : 11th March to 20th March

    Return home Tuesday, 20 March 2018 : Arrive Heathrow 1350

    for more info on Philippines option click here

    Guam Option - add a few days on the way back

    We also have the option to do an extra 3 days in Guam diving or just site seeing on the way back from Truk to London. We fly back from Truk via Guam.

    Why not give us a call on 01202 473030 or message us on face book

    Image result for facebook logo image

    Call us on 01202 473030 - Closed Sunday and Monday - Message us on Facebook anytime

  • Hollis Explorer - Problem with USB / Charging cable

    Stuck Pins on Hollis Explorer cables and Chargers - not charging.

    I number of people have been having problems with their MK1 and MK2 Hollis Explorer chargers / USB Cables.

    Now Hollis are not replacing them I thought I would remind people to look after their chargers and USB cables as they are expensive and the MK2 are difficult to get hold of.

    The problem is normally pins getting stuck down inside the sleeves so that they no longer make contact. This is normally caused by corrosion or over tightening.

    Mark 1 Hollis Explorer Rebreather Charger Problems

    Hollis Explorer MK1 Charger


    On the MK1 you screw the connector on the charger or USB data cable on to the LSS and you ONLY need to tighten it enough to make contact, if you screw it on hard you push the pins hard down into their sleeves and they get stuck. I do not know a way to "UN stock them" so you end up needing a new charger or USB data cable.. For those that don't know the USB data cable with also charge the Explorer, so you in effect have 2 chargers with the MK1.




    Hollis Explorer mk1 Data cable Hollis Explorer MK1 Data cable

    This has been over come on the mk2 by having a bayonet connector. See picture below or my blog on the MK2.

    The other major problem seems to be corrosion cause by damp and sea water.

    I expect that some people are not drying the contact on the LSS and maybe going for a dive, the connecting the LSS to charge without thinking about the fact that the LSS may still be damp of have salt water around it. This transfers to the connector on the charger/cable and over a short period of time corroded the pins and they jam. End of cable/charger.

    Other people seem to keep their chargers in with the LSS in the bag, great idea...NO as the LSS is often put away damage again causing the bag to be damp, only has to be very slightly damp for this to corrode the pins and again charger is ruined.

    New MK1 Charger

    New MK1 Data Cable

    Mark 2 Hollis Explorer Rebreather Charger Problems

    Hollis Explorer mk2 charge / data cable

    The Mark 2 uses a standard USB charger and a USB cable to connect to the MK2 LSS.

    The MK2 has basically the same problems with damp. The bayonet connector stops the over tightening but the MK2 does not have a cap over the charge points on the LSS and this makes it worse as they are even more likely to be damp or have water droplets on the points when you connect the bayonet connector. ALSO the MK2 has a single USB charger/Data cable and they are very hard to get hold of as not many MK2's we produced. There is also only the one joint charger/data cable so when you damage 1 you can not charge your unit!!! and it's not much good with out the batteries charged... SO LOOK AFTER THAT CABLE


  • Hollis Explorer - Huish buyout Hollis / AUP

    Hollis Explorer mk1. Repairs partsHuish buyout of Hollis / AUP

    There have been some changes at Hollis Explorer Rebreather Front, AUP / Hollis seem to have been bought out by Huish, this has caused some supply problems as Huish have moved the factory to Utah.

    Update have since been told

    Two unknown guys bought Hollis Rebreathers and Huish will distribute their product only (The Prism 2).

    Hollis Rebreathers LLC is a newly-formed Wyoming limited liability company affiliated with but operated independently of Huish Outdoors with North American operations out of a shared facility within Huish Outdoors’ headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT.

    Huish continued support of the Hollis Prism 2

    Huish have set up a new company called Hollis Rebreathers LLC and they are now producing the Prism 2 again and Prism 2 parts. CE approval for the Prism 2 I am told is still on the cards and hopefully will be with us shortly, Also a back mounted version of the Prism 2.

    it looks like another company may be taking over support/supply of parts for the Hollis Explorer Rebreather MK1 and MK2 but can't get any more info at this time.

    Huish drop the Hollis Explorer

    Sad to say that Huish are not continuing with the Hollis Explorer MK1 or MK2.

    No support from Huish on the Hollis Explorer

    Huish are not taking on liability for the MK1 and MK2 Explorer from Hollis and will not be supplying warranty parts. They say they are not making any more LSS (Electronics heads for either MK1 or MK2 Explorers)

    Apparently it is a liability thing, therefore Huish or the new Hollies Rebreathers LLC will not supply warranty parts for repairs, this is I think they want another company to supply/support MK1 and MK2 Hollis Explorer Rebreathers.

    New Hollis MK2 LSS - User changeable batteris New Hollis MK2 LSS - User changeable batteris

    Help is at hand with TAL Scuba

    Don't panic as TAL Scuba in Dorset can carryout most repairs in house here in the UK, But we can not manufacture parts. We can often repair handsets and various other parts of the Rebreather.

    We can replace handset OLED screens, buttons, reed switches and make other handset repairs. When the OLED displays fail or the colour fades we can change the screen for you, this is not a job you would want to do yourself.

    We are working on changing the batteries in the MK1 LSS electronics ourselves and re potting them (This is the hard bit), and this is not an easy process so it will take a while for us to master this, but hopefully we will get there, but we can not do it yet. We need more info on the correct potting compounds, vacuum chambers and repair procedures.

    Future of the Hollis Explorer

    I think and hope that someone will produce a MK3 Explorer sometime soon, there has been far to much money spent on development and the unit is way to good for it to go down the tube. I think this is likely to be basically a MK2 with a few software improvements and some small electronics changes to improve the HP circuit  hopefully within 12 months, fingers crossed.

    I would guess that an upgrade from MK1 or MK2 Hollis Explorer to a MK3 version will become available in time.

    I will post any developments when i find out more

    I have 3 of my own units, so I feel the pain as well but we need to make the best of it and keep diving and keep enjoying the Hollis Explorer even if it will probably now cost us a bit more to keep the units going.

    Roll on the MK3 or whatever they will call it!

    Trevor Leyland

    PADI Hollis Explorer IT, Instructor and Hollis Explorer technician

  • Hollis Explorer Rebreather - Not charging LSS Handset - Repairs Faults

    Having problems with your Hollis Explorer? LSS red light will not go out or will not let you dive as all 3 batteries are not fully charged. Common problem on the Hollis Explorer MK1.

    The first thing you need to do is see if it is a battery cell problem in the LSS (Electronics head). To do this we need to see the charge level of each of the 3 Batteries in the LSS and the battery in the handset.

    How to access hidden Service mode battery data status

    This can be done using the technicians data available on the handset when in Service mode. Watch the video to see how to get to this hidden screen, You can also check the o2 cell (Oxygen cell) mv readings (millivolt readings that indicate health of oxygen cell) from here. This is a very useful screen to access when trouble shooting your Hollis Explorer Rebreather Mark 1 or Mark 2.

  • Hollis Explorer Rebreather - Replacing Oetiker Hose Clamps - Repairs Faults

    How to install a Oetiker hose Clamps on the Hollis Explorer and Hollis Prism Rebreathers


  • The NEW Upgrade Hollis Explorer Mark 2 MKii Rebreather

    Nick Hollis fly's over from USA to explain Hollis Explorer upgrades to Trevor Leyland our Hollis Instructor trainer Nick Hollis fly's over from USA to explain Hollis Explorer upgrades to Trevor Leyland our Hollis Instructor Trainer
    New Hollis MK2 LSS - User changeable batteris New Hollis MK2 LSS - User changeable batteries
    Nick Hollis explains the Hollis Explorer upgrades to Trevor Leyland of TAL Scuba Nick Hollis explains the Hollis Explorer upgrades to Trevor Leyland of TAL Scuba
    Nick Hollis and Trevor discussing the Hollis Explorer improvements Nick Hollis and Trevor discussing the Hollis Explorer improvements

    NEW Hollis Explorer MK2 Rebreather Upgrade

    We have had a great time selling and teaching the Hollis Explorer MK1 user and Instructor courses over the last 3 to 4 years but there were a few things that niggled - Nick Hollis has explained the improvements that have sorted all these issues with the NEW Hollis Explorer Upgrade kit and Upgraded Mark 2 Hollis Explorer Rebreather SCR unit.

    Having just taken delivery of our first shipment of the MK2 Hollis Explorer rebreather a few days ago, I  had time to have a real look at the new unit and be prepared to ask Nick some tough questions.

    Hollis MK2 LSS - Detachable Probe Hollis MK2 LSS - Detachable Probe

    So what has been upgraded on the Hollis Explorer RB?

    Brand New designed LSS (Life Support System) Head - So what has improved

    The Sensor module is now an integral part of the LSS not a separate unit. The new combined LSS is more reliable with much better comms than the separate LSS/Sensor model of the MK1. So we should not get the occasional HP reading errors you sometimes get on the MK1.

    Hollis Explorer User changeable batteries Hollis Explorer User changeable batteries

    Rechargeable batteries

    Major advantage is that the unit now has a set of 3 easily replaceable, rechargeable batteries, these can be changed by your local Hollis Explorer technician. These are accessible from the outside of the LSS by simply removing a few screws and inserting the 3 new rechargeable batteries. We have had a few battery problems on the MK 1 so this will help. The unit takes 18650 rechargeable batteries. These can easily be changed by Hollis Explorer technician.

    Better LSS Cables

    Improved lighter and stronger LSS and Hud cables with better connectors. These new cables are hard wired and can not be change in the field.

    Explorer now uses same O2 cells as Prism2 Explorer now uses same O2 cells as Prism2

    New O2 Cells

    The Explorer MK2  has been updated to take the same O2 Cells as the Prism 2 Rebeather for better connectivity and easier supply. This improved Molex type connector helps reduce problems sometimes found on the Mk1 caused by moisture on the pins that can cause corrosion.

    Improved Heat Sensor probe

    The heat sensor probe that goes inside the scrubber basket to give an indication of scrubber life can now be unplugged making it easier for flying and transporting the unit. This used to be part of the sensor model but now plugs into the combined LSS/Sensor module.

    Co2 Sensor stays the same

    Co2 sensor remains unchanged and still works very well.

    Hollis Explorer New data and charging cable Hollis Explorer New data and charging cable

    Improved charging / data cable

    The new charging cable now plugs into your normal USB charger, Laptop, USB car charger just like you phone but with a new improved date/charging cable. This should give us better data transfer than the old MK1 opt-icon cable. This new cable is also more robust, thinner and more water tight. The connection is now a true wet connection and does not have a cap covering the connector.

    Metal Handset

    The Hollis designed handset housing is now a die-cast metal housing (Similar but not the same as the VRM) and seems to be better made, stronger and with better buttons. The buttons can be stripped and cleaned by your Hollis Explorer technician if required. Another improvement, is the top cover is now part of the die-cast so no more covers popping off when you are diving.

    Upgrade price

    You will be able to upgrade the MK1 Hollis Explorer but we do not have any pricing information yet, upgrade kits are on the way, due before Xmas 2016. email the shop on dive@shootingandscuba.co.uk or call on 01202 473030 for price updates and to reserve your upgrade. We will update the website as soon as we have info.

    Easy to upgrade yourself

    It is a very easy job to upgrade your MK1 Explorer, Basically you just install a new LSS and away you go. The upgrade replaces the LSS/Sensor module, probe, handset, Hud and Cables. It does not need a technician but we are of course happy to help you for free or install the upgrade during your annual service with us.

    For a Mark 2 Hollis Explorer SCR unit pricing click here

    The Hollis Explorer just got better

    In my option I think the Hollis Explorer MK2 is a considerable improvement on the MK1, a great rebreather just got even better.

    Even has a bungee to hold the inflator to stop it going behind your shoulder when diving.

    All in all some good improvements to a really great rebreather and I look forward to diving the unit.

    Although the MK1 Hollis Explorer has been replaced and only the MK2 Explorer is now supplied by Hollis the MK1 will still be fully supported including MK1 LSS repairs. We will still be servicing the MK1 for years to come.

    Trevor A Leyland

    PADI Course Director, Hollis Instructor Trainer and Explorer technician, with a lot of Explorer dives and courses under my belt over the last 3-4 years.

    Hollis Explorer MK2 Upgrades Hollis Explorer MK2 Upgrades
    tal-scuba-hollis-explorer-mk2_padi_03 Hollis Explorer MK2 upgrade - New bungee
    tal-scuba-hollis-explorer-mk2_padi_04 Hollis Explorer MK2 upgrade
    tal-scuba-hollis-explorer-mk2_padi_05 Hollis Explorer MK2 upgrade - No Changes here


    tal-scuba-hollis-explorer-mk2_padi_07 Hollis Explorer MK2 upgrade - Improve fitting, no circlip
    tal-scuba-hollis-explorer-mk2_padi_15 Hollis Explorer MK2 upgrade - Plug in heat probe
    tal-scuba-hollis-explorer-mk2_padi_19 Hollis Explorer MK2 upgrade
    tal-scuba-hollis-explorer-mk2_padi_22 Hollis Explorer MK2 upgrade - New plug


    tal-scuba-hollis-explorer-mk2_padi_24 Hollis Explorer MK2 upgrade - New USB charger
    tal-scuba-hollis-explorer-mk2_padi_30 Hollis Explorer MK2 upgrade

    tal-scuba-hollis-explorer-mk2_padi_25 tal-scuba-hollis-explorer-mk2_padi_29 tal-scuba-hollis-explorer-mk2_padi_31 tal-scuba-hollis-explorer-mk2_padi_32

  • PADI UK IE Dates Instructor Development Schedule Calender for 2017 - Go Pro with TAL Scuba UK

    Become a PADI Pro Instructor with TAL Scuba Go Pro Get a Life PADI Instructor Training

    PADI UK IE dates - Go Pro with TAL Scuba - South Coast Nr Bournemouth Airport

    We don't teach you to pass an Exam... We teach you to become a professional PADI Diving Instructor and we support you through out your carrier as a PADI Pro, Part time of full time.

    Why not become a PADI Instructor with TAL Scuba? Don't you deserve it?

    UK 2017 PADI Instructor Exam Schedule - Finale approved dates. These dates are unlikely to change but you still need to check and book before attending. Do not just show up. Exam last 2 days, Normally a Saturday and Sunday. Is is normally a 7 am start on the first day.

    18-Feb-17 19-Feb-17 Rugby
    18-Mar-17 19-Mar-17 Whittlesey
    22-Apr-17 23-Apr-17 Lancashire
    06-May-17 07-May-17 Bristol
    17-Jun-17 18-Jun-17 Whittlesey
    15-Jul-17 16-Jul-17 Leicestershire
    12-Aug-17 13-Aug-17 Whittlesey
    01-Sep-17 02-Sep-17 Newcastle
    16-Sep-17 17-Sep-17 Wraysbury
    05-Oct-17 06-Oct-17 Kiev
    07-Oct-17 08-Oct-17 Pontefract
    14-Oct-17 15-Oct-17 Bristol
    11-Nov-17 12-Nov-17 Whittlesey
    16-Dec-17 17-Dec-17 Leicestershire

    Group of  4 TAL Scuba trained successful candidates completing their PADI IE Instructor Exam at Gildenburgh Waters - Trained by our team led by our Course Director Trevor Leyland.PADI INstructor Training with TAL Scuba Live the Dream, Go Pro with TAL Scuba

    Christian Laurent in the foreground..Is now working in Indonesia...and has been Living the dream since passing his IE last year, We are proud to say he has already become a PADI Staff Instructor and is working on his Master Instructor Rating.

  • Adventure Diving Malta - Sunny Coast Hotel - Now WaterWorld

    Adventure Diving Malta is no more - Now WaterWorld

    Adventure Diving Malta by the Sunny Coast Hotel, on the water front in Qawra Malta has closed, but do not fear the Scuba Dive Centre is still there and so are most of the great people that work there.

    Rescued - Same Great Crew

    TAL Scuba has used Adventure Diving Malta for many years but Alan has moved on to other things and the centre was to close, but then WaterWorld Water Sports have stepped in to help out and have taken over the PADI Scuba Dive Centre. They have kept on most of the existing Instructors with Ray becoming the new Director Of Diving DOD responsible for the day to day running of the centre. Ray is a great guy you will like him. Mikkel is also a DOD at the centre, who I have had the pleasure of working with many times and will make a very good DOD.

    Now WaterWorld Malta

    The Dive Centre where Adventure diving were based has been taken back over by Water World, the same great guys that run the jet ski and water sports centre from the same location.

    This is a new Dive Centre and is not run by Alan who has moved on. This Scuba Centre still employees most of the same great staff that used to work for ADM, Adventure Diving Malta.

    Water Sports

    Waterworld offer some great Scuba Diving around Malta and Gozo and have a great team of Instructors. If by any chance you need a break from Scuba Diving you can always speed off on one of their Jet Ski's, go Water boarding, Water Skiing or even try water powered Rocket boots... or you could just hire a speed boat... Great for all the family

    You can contact details for Water World Malta and what was Adventure Diving Malta

    Water World Website 

    Telephone number is the same as was Adventure Diving Malta

    WaterWorld Malta

    Sunny Coast Resort,
    Qawra Bay
    (+356) 2157 1797
    (+356) 7926 5674

  • Sophisticated Silence: The Hollis Explorer Rebreather – Go bubble free

    “The explorer is a completely different underwater experience. Its simple, silent …and special!”

    By Christian Laurent

    Hollis Explorer Training with TAL Scuba UK Mark Cutler, Trevor Leyland, Christian Laurent, David Swain - Hollis Explorer Training with TAL Scuba

    Open Circuit Scuba Diving - More than a 1000 dives

    I’ve been diving open-circuit for more than decade and have logged over 1000 dives. I like open-circuit SCUBA; its old-school cool and hasn’t changed all that much since Jacques-Yves Cousteau invented the Aqualung in 1943. Fittings are more-or-less standard all over the world, everything is easily serviceable, and air fills are cheap. This means, wherever you might be, diving is simple.
    Time underwater is spent enjoying the wildlife and the scenery. Making it back alive, needn’t be a concern. This, surely, is why there are now 24,000,000 PADI divers worldwide, a club which you probably already belong to, and one which is still growing by 900,000 every year! Open-circuit SCUBA is wonderful!

    Rebreather Diving - Rebreathers came first

    …Rebreathers on the other hand are esoteric, difficult to use contraptions that are constantly trying to kill you. They are the realm of highly-trained aquanauts such as military frogmen, commercial divers and the hard-core technical diver (All of whom enjoy taking risks and probably don’t have to pay for their own kit) …or so the conventional wisdom goes. Wrong.

    Rebreather technology actually pre-dates open-circuit SCUBA and has been developing since the early 1900’s. Closed-circuit rebreathers (CCR’s) are still apart from the Poseidon MKVI and Se7en still for tech-divers only, but enter the Hollis Explorer: a hybrid, semi-closed rebreather that almost any scuba diver can dive.

    I learned to dive the Hollis Explorer - It was something special - with TAL Scuba, Dorset & Hampshire, UK

    Christian Laurent completes his PADI Explorer Rebreather Christian Laurent - PADI Explorer Rebreather Training with Trevor Leyland

    I qualified on the Hollis Explorer rebreather last weekend, at Vobster quay in the UK, and let me tell you it was special! I completed my PADI Rebreather Diver and Advanced Rebreather diver combined into one course with Trevor Leyland of TAL Scuba in Christchurch, Dorset and Ringwood, Hampshire, UK.

    The difference between Open Circuit Scuba and Hollis Explorer diving

    The first thing I noticed is just how quiet the Explorer is. On open-circuit SCUBA I’m constantly aware of the second stage. I’ve never quite decided if I like the noise or hate it, but what’s important is that the noise is always there, and the fish certainly don’t like it. The Explorer, however, is not just quiet but silent. The fish didn’t even know I was there and came right up to my mask! The sounds of the lake are something new.
    The second thing I noticed is how user-friendly the Explorer is. It’s not difficult to dive at all and once you get used to it, assembly takes only a few minutes longer than open-circuit kit. The integrated handset pretty much does the pre-dive check for you, and the heads up display (HUD) makes it extremely unlikely that any problems go unnoticed. It’s simple to use, easy to read and impossible to lose!
    At the end of the dive I thought to myself how far it surpasses open-circuit, even a twin-set. My first training dive lasted 75 minutes and I surfaced with more than an hour of dive-time remaining. With a little practice, you can dive for 2-3 hours on a 5L fill and you don’t use hardly any quicker if you dive deeper, unlike normal scuba: you can spend the entire dive on the bottom. I also thought how I was less fatigued and less de-hydrated than after a normal dive, which is apparently due to breathing warm, moist air instead of cold, dry air.
    Hollis have done an excellent job developing a user-friendly unit with a very polished interface.

    How much does the Hollis Explorer cost?

    They’ve done an even better job at making it affordable; its recently dropped in price by £1500 and doesn’t cost a lot more than a high-end set of open-circuit kit. Currently the cost of Hollis Explorer including, BCD, Wing, Handset, Co2 monitor and even the gear gulpher to keep it in, is only £2995 (Oct 2016), Does not include cylinder or training. Cost Per-dive, £5 of scrubber (the chemical that removes carbon dioxide from your exhaled breath) and a 5L nitrox fill about the same cost as a twinset dive (And the twinset doesn’t last as long). Per hour, diving a rebreather is actually cheaper than normal SCUBA. So what are you waiting for?! – Discover Rebreather experiences are run each week, PADI Rebreather Diver and PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver courses run monthly. Phone the shop to arrange yours now!

    How long is the training for the Hollis Explorer

    Hollis Explorer Training with TAL Scuba UK Mark Cutler, Christian Laurent, David Swain - Hollis Explorer Training with TAL Scuba at Vobster Quay

    I looked around before choosing Trevor Leyland of TAL Scuba for my training and I looked at other training agencies. Trevor is a Hollis Instructor Trainer on the Hollis Explorer and other rebreathers and a factory trained technician, so I know he knows his stuff.

    Trevor recommend I did the combined PADI Rebreather and PADI Advanced Rebreather course over 4 days. This is what I chose because having research other training agencies and courses I found the training materials and depth of training to be far superior on the PADI course than others I looked at, which had less dives, were cheaper, but just did not seem to cover all the things I wanted to know and had little or no materials.

    We spent 2 full days in the classroom and pool, with over 3 hours, and 3 dives in the pool fine tuning skills and the trim of the unit and learning how to use bailout cylinders. How to assemble the unit and fault find. How strip the Explorer clean it between dives and for storage. A very good presentation on packing scrubber and how sofnolime works. Trevor was also teaching a Hollis Instructor course at the same time, This will be next on my list of courses.

    Then off to Sunny Vobster quay for 5 Open Water dives and some great under water diving. We did lots of skills but also had a lot of time to just dive and get to used to the unit... I can't wait to get my own Hollis Explorer Rebreather.. Or rather the Hollis Explorer Mark 2??? Due in November.... Watch this space for more on the Explorer 2 Rebreather

    TAL Scuba PADI Hollis Explorer Training Training At TAL Scuba Indoor pool with the Hollis Explorer Rereather
    TAL Scuba PADI Hollis Explorer Training Indoor pool Dive Briefing for Hollis Explorer Training at TAL Scuba indoor Pool. David Swain, Trevor Leyland, Christian Laurent

    Dive Boat Vixen - October- 2016 from Christchurch Quay Dorset


    Dive Boat Vixen - October - 2016 from Christchurch Quay Dorset

    October 2016 Vixen Dive Schedule

    Sat 1st October - Depart 09.05 from Christchurch Quay -  Wreck of the Fenna (24m) And Drift Dive (S0.T0.R0)

    Sun 2nd October - Depart 09.40 from Christchurch Quay - Wreck of the Valentine Tanks Drift Dive (13-15m) and Local Drift Dive (S0.T0.R0)

    Sun 9th October - Depart 07:20 from Christchurch Quay – Wreck Of The Venezuela (27-28m) and drift Dive (S0.T0.R0)

    Sat 15th October - Depart 07:50 from Christchurch Quay - Bournemouth Rocks (7-10m) Single Local drift (S0.T0.R0)

    Sun 16th October - Depart 08.00 from Christchurch Quay - Double drift Dive Dog Fish Alley And Christchurch Rocks (S0.T0.R0)

    Sun 23rd October - Depart 18.00 from Christchurch Quay - Double drift Dive (S0.T0.R0)

    Sun 29th October - Depart 08:00 from Christchurch Quay - Double drift Dive – Coast Guard Hut – Boulder Rocks - (S0.T0.R0)



    TAL Scuba often use the Vixen for the PADI AOW advanced open water training courses we run - Take the next step and continue the Adventure with PADI Advanced diver training courses Or Maybe you want to do your PADI Wreck diver Speciality

    Special price of £20 per Dive.

    You will need a SMB for Drift dives and a DSMB for ship wreck dives per buddy team.

    Please be dressed and ready to leave 15 mins before departure time, scuba kit assembled and on boat by the departure time.

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