Sig Sauer MCX Virtus PCP Air Rifle - Available to Pre-Order

Sig Sauer put in great display at this years Shot Show, demonstrating both their firearms and Sig Air ranges to great effect. The talk of the stand however was the introduction of the Sig Sauer MCX Virtus PCP, based on their Virtus rifle pattern also recently introduced. Featuring a double action only trigger system like the previous MCX / MPX this new PCP variation offers approx double the muzzle energy of the previous Co2 models, but still coming in under the 12ftlb limit. This opens up lots of opportunities for action shooting and more challenging courses of fire versus a traditional multi-shot air rifle.

The Virtus should be arriving May-June this year and we are now currently accepting pre-orders. Allocation is expected to be limited so to make sure you can get your hands on one of these fantastic looking rifles, please order online, call 01202 473030 or Click Here for our online enquiry form to ask a question online.

7 thoughts on “Sig Sauer MCX Virtus PCP Air Rifle - Available to Pre-Order”

  • dave brown
    dave brown 26/05/2019 at 13:54

    This costs $349.99 = £275.27 in states how do you justify double mark up price?????

    • TAL-Duncan

      You'll find that even the likes of Pellpax an Daileisure are also selling these at the projected retail price of £499. Airguns and firearms ARE more expensive here in the UK because of distribution numbers and in some cases to re-work the item in question for UK laws.

      Until we KNOW the actual cost price from the supplier, we can't make any assessment on the price of these, so the RRP is there as a guide so we can at least take pre-orders.

  • Robert Percifield
    Robert Percifield 14/04/2019 at 02:14

    At 650 fps with a 14 grain pellet , would this be good for a ratting gun ?

    • TAL-Duncan

      If the output is around the 11.5ftlb mark that would make it interesting, but without seeing one in action I really couldn't say at the moment!

  • David Callender
    David Callender 11/03/2019 at 17:57


    Concerning the Sig Saueer MCX Virtus in .22 calibre.

    With the appropriate licensing, would it be possible (or legal according to current UK Law) to convert this rifle into an FAC rated? if so, what would its specs be? (ft-lbs)



    • Josh Mather
      Josh Mather 09/04/2019 at 23:00

      You don’t need a fac since it’s power output is under 11ft/lbs and uses a 2 stage trigger which uses a revolver style mechanism inside.

    • TAL-Duncan

      Without looking at the internals that's a very difficult question to answer, also please remember that the firing system on these probably isn't rated for that kind of pressure release.

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