Storing your firearm or shotgun with an RFD

Storing your Firearm or Shotgun with an RFD

If your own a Firearm or Shotgun, Firearms Licencing offers guidance for storage at home, for the Firearm / Shotgun and ammunition. There are a number of circumstances however where you might require to store these externally. That's where storing items with an RFD becomes a viable and safe option. 

RFD's can store your Firearm, Shotgun or even Air Rifles / Pistols on your behalf, where you benefit from the dealers security measures rather than purchasing your own. 

Storage Fees

Any Firearm, Shotgun, Air Rifle or Pistol can be stored with us for as little as 25p per day, per item (approx £7.50 per month)

Cleaning Fees

We also offer Maintenance and Cleaning for stored items, prices TBC so please call 01202 473030 or Click Here for our online enquiry form


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