TAL Arms visits John Rothery Wholesale

John Rothery opened it's office doors to the team from TAL Arms this Monday, where our TAL Arms team had the opportunity to have a look round, get a refreshed on some Walther and Umarex gunsmithing internals, check out some of the latest shooting products and get some hands on time with the new upcoming Walther Reign PCP air rifle that featured in our last blog. Most importantly we caught up with the John Rothery team and took the opportunity to put our heads together and talk about some future projects.

The John Rothery's offices themselves have a HUGE range of products on show, this allows the guys to get up close with their product ranges and in most cases answer any of the more unusual questions with a simple walk across the room. 

After a tour we had a close up inspection of the Walther Reignn PCP air rifle, which proved a few of my suspicions true from the last blog, with the cocking arm being much more comfortable to use, simply by moving it forward over the trigger unit more. Speaking of the trigger, there was a nice initial take-up, followed by a distinct release when taking a shot. Despite not being truly zeroed, the Reign was easily pointable enough to adjust your aim and quickly start placing shots on the target without any effort. 

A previous user had changed the cocking arm to left-handed, and whilst this made getting pictures and video of the action quite difficult, the weight balance made supporting the rifle right handed and running the action with the left feel natural. 

We also got a look at the magazine, which can be inserted either side of the rifle by simply turning it over to prevent the housing from sitting in an awkward place when shouldering, a great little touch that I think owners will really appreciate. All in all the Reign is looking to be a superb little bit of kit, which I look forward to seeing again when launched for retail.

Although we have been working on the RM8 since it's launch some years ago and a number of TAL Arms staff completed training courses with Armex, it was great to have a refresher course with John Rothery's Gunsmith Chris, on a few Walther / Umarex products including the RM8, this welcome refresher gave us the opportunity to talk Chris about a few key components and interesting questions we've had from customers, and some of those difficult jobs/repairs.

All in we had a great day visiting the team at Rothery and look forward to making the trip again in the future!

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