TAL Shooters Range and Social Club

TAL Shooters is a local Airgun club, based on our own flat plan range near the borders of the Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire Counties. Located near Bournemouth International Airport we offer a relaxed-atmosphere shooting area for Air Rifles and other sporting arms (More details to follow). The range is currently operated by volunteer Range Officers on Sunday mornings (10am ~ 1pm) for the benefit of it's members and guests, where we aim to offer a relaxed and welcoming shooting environment for both experienced and newcomers to the sport. Safety is also of paramount importance to us, which is why we also make sure that all sessions are conducted under supervision so even a single member wishing to shoot will someone on hand to assist in safe and enjoyable shooting experiences

Membership and Benefits

For those of a keen interest in Airgun shooting we offer a simple membership package that gives you several key benefits:

  • Range Fee: Reduced from £10 (£5 range fee and £5 insurance contribution for guests*) to £3 per session, for the duration of your active membership.
    (*£5 insurance contribution chargeable after each persons first three visits)
  • Pellet Discount: 10% discount on all qualifying Airgun pellets via TAL Arms, for the duration of your active membership
  • Exclusive Offers: access to exclusive discounts, for members only!
  • Events and Socials: Invitations to members-only events and Social Activites
Download a membership application here

Joining and Membership fees:

  • One-Off starter payment of £20 (includes first months membership) to activate membership (payable also if you leave the club and subsequently rejoin).
  • £5 per month membership fee payable as a lump sum (year ends 31st March) or via Standing Order for the duration of your active membership.

TAL Shooters Club Rules

  • TAL Shooters is a relaxed club environment, this however should not be confused with unsafe conduct. Members agree that at all times they will follow the guidance and spirit of the safety rules and demonstrate them to others.

TAL Shooters Safety Rules

  • The Range Officer (referred to as RO for the remainder of this page) may appoint assistants (Point Officers) as required to run the Firing Point (referred to as PO for the remainder of this page).
  • Nobody will advance forward of the Firing Point unless authorised by the RO or, in his absence, a PO.
  • Ask the RO if you want to put up or retrieve targets or go forward of the firing point.
  • These Point Officers are in complete charge of the proceedings under the RO.
  • The orders/commands of the RO, or designated PO must be obeyed at all times.
  • The RO has complete control over the range when in use and their decision(s) are final.
  • The shooting of any wildlife during range sessions is prohibited.
  • The use of exploding targets on the range is prohibited. This does not apply to compression based targets that create minimal noise.
  • Eye protection is recommended.
  • No Airguns requiring a Firearms Certificate may be shot on the range without specific permission of TAL Arms Ltd, who will inform the RO before shooting can commence.
  • The RO can test or ban any Person / Air Rifle / Pistol / Target or anything else on the range if they consider them to be either unsafe or inappropriate or not in the interest of the club or its members.
  • Shooting may only take place after you have booked in with the range officer, paid your fees, been allotted a place to shoot by the RO/PO and the carry on command has been given.
  • In the interests of safety, there must be an approved RO present together with at least one other person before shooting may take place.
  • At the range, all guns will be kept unloaded with their actions open at all times except when on the Firing Point/Line or they are properly stowed within their carrying cases/slips or other receptacle for transport. If you need to charge/fill your air rifle it should be unloaded and cleared in the presence of the RO / PO at the firing point and taken, muzzle-down to the air filling station / cylinder OR the Air cylinder should be taken to the Firing Point.
  • Guns should be stored in bags/slips/boxes or placed in a gun rack (Showing clear) supplied for the purpose whenever not in use.
  • No guns will be touched or loaded during a 'Cease Fire' anywhere on the range (Excluding those already in a case/bag/slip).
  • Guns must be handled and/or loaded only after the RO has so advised it is safe to carry on shooting, or has given specific permission.
  • Members wishing to demonstrate show, coach, clean an unloaded gun must take the gun to the designated Fumble Zone or other area allocated by the RO.
  • Only shoot at targets that have the back stop behind them. It is illegal for pellets to leave the boundary of the range. Do not shoot across the range unless part of an organised competition or target course that has been set up, If in doubt ask the RO.
  • Membership is a privilege NOT a right! A new probationary member will be required to be supervised by an authorised club member at all times, in the interests of safety, and will comply with all instructions given by the said supervisor. Full membership will only be given after shooting 5 times as a probationary member (and having their card signed to say they showed good conduct) and after the club is confident the probationary member understands the club and range rules.
  • No shooter may approach the Firing Point without the permission of the RO or leave it without having their gun cleared by the RO / PO.
  • If in doubt or if you are unsure of anything then please ask the RO or PO on duty.

As our club grows, our rules will expand and change, please feel free to ask questions or post comments on Facebook or eMail the club on range@shootingandscuba.co.uk