PADI Rebreather Course - Level 1 - Poseidon MKVI Discovery

PADI Rebreather Course - Level 1 - Poseidon MKVI Discovery
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I took this course with TAL Scuba in Malta 2012.

As an experienced TEC diver I was skeptical about rebreathers. Why would I need one? - I had up to 6 tanks to dive with should I need them.... Boy was I wrong!

The most immediate thing was the weight! - packing the whole thing in to my hand luggage with my laptop, camera, housing and several other bits, I was impressed at how small the Poseidon MKVI Rebreathder unit breaks down for transportation. Putting the unit together took less time than prepping for a serious TEC dive and wearing the unit was a blast... how light?

Under the water my initial difficulty was buoyancy, (as it is for more experienced divers). My problem was I was wearing too much lead, once that had been stripped off, I was home free, and what a ride! Being under the water with a dry suit and 8lb of lead, for 4 up to 4 hours... Why would I ever want to do a TEC Dive ever again?

The course took me through the basics of assembly, how the unit worked, tips and tricks for running a unit, and most importantly the required skills for diving one safely and sensibly. The instructor was patient and knowledgeable.
By slowly introducing new skills and lots of repetition the skills sunk in and we were doing them without even thinking about it.

Even if you don't think Rebreathers are for you... this course is well worthwhile. In the few days doing this course I learnt more about buoyancy than I have ever done, it really made sense and gelled so much together. But more importantly this course really opened my eyes to rebreather diving. Watching the instructor and having fish in the way is a new experience, and one open circuit can seldom provide. Breathing mixed gases and warm at that, meant that finishing a dive unlike a TEC dive when I am gasping for a drink, I was refreshed and surface interval permitting, ready for the next dive immediately.

A truly worthwhile experience, one I would heavily recommend. Review by Diving Will / (Posted on 25/10/2012)
You Have To Do This!
The title says it all! Did this course with Will and Trevor in Malta and loved every minute of it :0)

My first introduction to the silent underwater world of rebreathers and it sure is different. But in such a good way. Fish come closer, you can stay longer and you don't feel anywhere near as tired as you do on open circuit.

The course is comprehensive and really helps you understand how the kit works and keeps you safe. And it gives you a good chance to refresh the skills you learnt on your Open Water course but without any bubbles!!

I would highly recommend it :0) Review by Big Dog / (Posted on 25/10/2012)

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