PADI Advanced Rebreather training - 30m / 40m Course for the Hollis Explorer recreational Rebreather

PADI Advanced Rebreather training - 30m / 40m Course for the Hollis Explorer recreational Rebreather
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3 Item(s)

Fantastic Hollis Explorer Course
A fantastic unit paired with an equally fantastic Instructor! It became very clear to me during the course that Trevor's knowledge of the Explorer is exceptional. I found the whole course presented in a manner that combined the realization that my Instructor knew exactly what he was talking about , whilst at the same time it was presented in a way that made the whole course an enjoyable and fun experience. If you're looking for a light , well made, recreational unit with the support of a major manufacturer, combined with an experienced Instructor, look no further.
Review by Mark / (Posted on 17/01/2015)
Fantastic training on the Hollis Explorer
Lynda - Thanks! Great couple of days at Stoney Cove - good company, great weather and fantastic training on the Hollis Explorer. As usual Trevor went above and beyond to ensure we got the most out of our course. Would highly recommend Trevor and the Hollis Explorer to anyone considering a recreational rebreather course :)))
Review by Lynda / (Posted on 18/07/2014)
Hollis Explorer - TOP PADI COURSE
So what did I think for the Explorer. I started the pool work and classroom work in Dec 2013.
At first, it appeared to be a little confusing, but very soon I was put at great ease by my Instructor.
From then on, What a great course. You soon get to grips with the building of the kit and the pre-checks, and the more you use and dive with the unit, the more you get to enjoy it. I was lucky to be able to complete my open water dives in Malta, which I did in Feb 2014, and we did have a few extra dives as well. The first thing that hits you is, NO BUBBLES, It is so so quiet. The warmth from the unit, that is a big help, and you don’t get out the water and drink the whole bottle of water, as normal with your old open circuit. My last dive in Malta, I went back on to open circuit, OMG, the noise, I was cold within about 45 minutes, and YES, drunk tons of water after the dive.
I used the unit in Truk Lagoon for 6 days. 19 Dives and the unit worked with no faults. The performance was brilliant, it’s a great, robust unit, and it Truk it did get a good workout. The Soda lime is very easy to change, so are all the other parts. There are plenty of safety features as well, which one would expect.
The diving in Truk, my buddy was using twin 10/12 litre tanks. Most dives where between 35-40m and you can soon clock up some deco stops. In a general rule, my buddy would have about 30 mins deco using open circuit, and using the Explorer, I would have about 10-12 Minutes. The plus side, It’s the small amount of gas you use, 5 Litre in the unit and a side mount –COOL. When you check the log on the Expoler`s computer, COOL, it tells you that you have just used about 90 Bar !! On a 5 Litre. Now work that out, It’s a must have bit of dive kit. The trip worked well, as my buddy on OC had to wait a few minutes more for me to complete the pre-dive checks and pre-breath, but underwater, you always have to wait on the stops for the open circuit divers (never leave your wing man)
All in All, A fantastic bit of kit. I think it is quite well priced as well.
There are the normal pros and cons, which the instructor will explain to you, with respect to the other units on the market.
How would I rate the course & Explorer?
Instructor 10/10
Ease of use 9/10
Build – 8/10
Display / Computer 7/10 – A little hard to see in strong sun light, and sunny shallow dives
Performance 9/10
Looks 6/10 – A black back cover would look better.
Cleaning / Building 8/10

My recommendations. Put your open circuit gear to one side and get on this course!

Review by Bristol Nick / (Posted on 21/05/2014)

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