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Hollis - M1 Scuba Mask Black

Product Review (submitted on 21 July 2012):
My trusty old Neo 2 finally gave up the ghost, and after trying them in the shop this oine seemed to be way more comfy than the rest!

In the water the view is so much better than anything else I have ever used! I was worried that being black (although I prefer black for everything diving) it was going to cut out light, but quite the opposite, this mask improves the focus and enables you to see more somehow!

The profile is really low and clearing it is less than a snort my old mask used to be! the strap is a really soft but grippy rubber type and the clips at the side tighten and loosen with just a touch of the button, great for a pool dive and then loosen for a hood later on!

Really recommend this mask is you are after a new one, as it not only does the job, but does it really really well!

Oh I would recommend scrubbing two or three times with toothpaste as it takes more goes than normal before it stops fogging up!