TAL Scuba Annual Rebreather and extended range Diving trip Holiday to Malta - October 2017 - Malta & Gozo - Diving Holidays - Dive Shop

Annual Rebreather Week to Malta - October 2017 - 3 Spaces Left

Sunday to Sunday Scuba diving Holiday from Bournemouth Airport, Dorset or London

TAL Scuba Rebreather Holiday - 7 Nights and some Great diving in Malta 15th till 22nd October 2017 - From Bournemouth Airport 

It will soon be time for TAL Scuba's October annual Rebreather trip to Malta flying from Bournemouth and London Airports – Trevor Leyland Our Course Director, Tec and Rebreather Instructor Trainer will be your Dive Leader again. Making sure you have a great time and great dives.

We are looking at 2 x 1.5 to 2 Hour dives per day making sure we can get the most out of our rebreathers. All RBs are welcome, popular units on previous trips include Hollis Explorers, Poseidon MKVI, Se7en, Prism2 and AP Inspo Rebreathers... Numbers are limited so book soon.

We do have an Open Circuit trip as well 22nd till 29th Half Term - see the webpage about that trip for details. The dates over lap and are Sunday to Sunday from Bournemouth Airport or London. First group leaves when the second group arrives, Yes you can do both weeks if you like.

Experienced Rebreather Divers - Only 8 Spaces Plus me

This trip extended range trip is not for newly quailfied divers, have a chat with Trevor if you're not sure. We want to make sure you have fun and safely enjoy the trip. Additional training is available for those who want it or need it.

Maxium depths are in the range of 30m-40m with maybe the odd 45-60m Dives. Trimix will be able for those who want it and are quailified or under training. Recreational Rebreather Divers using Hollis Explorer and Poseidon etc are welcome. Please plan to dive within your training and experience range.

Sunday to Sunday holiday - Flights with Ryanair out of Bournemouth or you could go EasyJet from Gatwick, Air Malta from London Heathrow or Gatwick.

Please book your own flights but please talk to Trevor first to ensure there is space on the holiday and then copy him your Flight details.

Malta... Where is it?

Malta (click for interactive map) is located in the Mediterranean Sea, A great place to holiday and party for both Divers and Non divers.

Malta Holiday Scuba Diving and Accomodation

We have organised a very special dive trip aimed at a small group of divers looking to get the most out of their Rebreathers, Twinsets or sidemount equipment.

  • We aim to do 2 x 1.5-2 Hour dives a day, with options of a third including night dives.
  • Depth range mostly 20-40m some deeper dives maybe available.
  • Dives will depend on training and experience of the group.
  • Please Dive safely and within your limits.
  • By keeping the group small we can prepare our kit and dive at our leisure as we have 24hr access, NOT having to rush back to the centre for gas fills.
  • Cylinders & Weights need to be pre-ordered - this saves money.
  • We have plenty of Sofnolime at £4.78 per Kg
  • Air, Nitrox and Trimix all available, order what you want the night before.
  • Guides, O2 and First aid equipment supplied.
  • Road transport to all dive sites - combination of hire cars and Dive Centre truck/s.
  • Hotel pick up available
  • Hollis and Poseidon Technician on the trip to provide support

Hollis Explorer / Poseidon MKVI Rebreathers available for hire at £275 for the week, excluding Sofnolime, but we only have 6 units so BOOK early.  

I am looking to sort out a really good RB itinary, not just the usual stuff. Including the following wrecks of Um El Faroud, E-Boat, Imperial Eagle (30m-40m), Probably do Fort St. Elmo around the outer defenses and a check dive maybe on the Rosi and P29. We may also dive the 3 Wrecks on Gozo or the Blue Hole and Inland Sea to have a look at what is left of the Azzures Arch - now gone forever (Gozo is about £20 extra for the ferry and transport depending on numbers). Also looking to dive an WWII German S-Boat / E-Boat sitting in 40m. I will do my best to make sure you get a great week.

We will plan for Dives  around the 1.5-2 hour range. Water in October is around 24 Deg C.

2 Dives a day will be the plan but you can do more if you like.

Nitrox, O2, Trimix, Sofnolime all availlable from Dive Centre.


The holiday includes 7 Nights at apartment / hotel near where we setup our kit, price around £150-155 and based on 2 sharing.

Hotel and Scuba Diving costs, Based on 2 Sharing a Room, Including Cylinder, Weights and Gas.

  • Cost of Diving is complicated as it depends on how many tanks, gas, sofnolime you use. I have found the best option here is to hire kit, equipment and transport and divide this by the number of divers and number of days giving us a day rate plus your own gas, cylinder rental and sofnolime costs.
  • This makes it expensive if you only do 1 dive a day but MUCH cheaper if we do 2 or 3 dives a day.
  • Night dives are available and cost very little as we have already hired all equipment for the day.
  • Normally 2 Dives a day with an option for a 3rd
  • Boat dives will incur additonal costs. Gozo costs around 30 Euros more per day.
  • Budget around 450 Euro and you should be OK plus maybe 100 extra for boat fees IF you chose to go Boat diving.


Sunday to Sunday from Bournemouth £126.98 (Including 10Kg carry on baggage - Checked on 06/05/17)

Recommended flights are:

RyanAir (I think best Option for most, subject to change) but if you want to go from Gatwick or Heathrow no problem.

Bournemouth to Malta Depart 7am arriving 11:15am Malta

Malta to Bournemouth  Depart Malta 11:40 arriving Bournemouth 14:05


**Please talk to us before booking flights.**

Please feel free to book your own flights but talk to us first, or we can do it for you if you need help.

"We’ve had a great time in Malta on each and every trip we have run. Great diving, great people and some amazing scenery both in and out of the water. Most of the locals speak English (sort of) which helps and they are a really laid back friendly people. So, why not come with us this time? - Let me know" – Trevor


£100 deposit due when you book, All diving and Hotel bills payable locally in Euros direct to Dive Centre in Malta. Please book your own flights or we can do it for you, BUT Please talk to us first. Please confirm booking before booking flights and email us a copy of the flight info. You can arrange your own transfers or let us sort it for you. Deposits will be transferred to Dive Centre at the prevailling Euro rate at the time, the balance to be paid locally in Euros cash. Cash points are available no problem but paying by Card is very expensive in Malta. 


Weather in Malta in October.

Daytime temp: Average 24ºC and the water Sea temperture is the same 24ºC.

Book NOW, You know you want to and lets have some FUN, FUN and MORE FUN! ~ Trevor

Call Trevor Leyland ( PADI Course Director ) or Karen Burnell ( PADI Master Instructor ) on 01202 47 30 30, or eMail: vixen@talarms.co.uk to book!

All £ rates are based on today's exchange rate and may vary, all bills need to be paid in Cash/Euros in Malta. Deposit will be converted to Euros and offset against your final bill in Malta.