Holidays to Truk Lagoon


On the Board the awesome dive boat - Odyssey 7th-14th March 2020

We are still working on the optional extra week before and the optional week after. As soon as we have sorted the loacation we can then sort the flight info.

£200 Deposit now to hold a space, £300 due 1st July 2018 then nothing to pay until April 2019

CALL FOR MORE INFO 01202 473030

I know we said it was the last trip but we had so much fun we just have to do it agaIin - So TAL Scuba is pleased to announce that we have again booked the Odyssey Liveaboard in Chuuk / Truk Lagoon - (We have the whole boat same as the last 3 trips!). We will be diving some of the best wrecks in the world! But it is not just wrecks, the fish and coral are also incredable, and let's not forget the sharks.

Truk Lagoon - A small atol in the Central Pacific, part of the Federated States of Micronesia, with constant average temperatures of 25 - 32 º C both on the surface and in the water! It became famous in the Second World War when during Operation Hailstone the United States sank 12 Japanese Warships, 32 Merchant Ships and a total of 249 aircraft were destroyed. - In Short the majority of the Japanese auxiliary fleet!

Today it hosts the capital of wreck diving and is dived all year round by hundreds of lucky divers. Highlights include:

    • •Massive shipwrecks (60 + ) including destroyers, freighters, and gun boats. Not to mention submarines, flying boats and the odd plane wreck!!
    • •Huge amounts of swim throughs and wreck penetration, allowing you to see the remains of the fleets operations. Peering in the holds you can see row upon row of fighter aircraft, tanks, bulldozers, motorcycles, cars, and railroad equipment. Munitions galore, including torpedoes, containers of ammunition, radios, more weapons than you could imagine, plus the billions of personal and smaller items carried for the troops aboard.
    • •And for the non-wrecky type there is masses of fish life, including Manta rays, sharks, and fish galore!


"...seeing is believing, words can not describe how awesome it really is!"


We have booked the whole of the liveaboard Odyssey. The best liveaboard of the lagoon!




The Odyssey - World class liveaboard

Truk’s finest liveaboard vessel, you’ll find world class amenities and awesome service.

  • Seven staterooms (14’ x 8 ’) with either king size or 2 twin beds
  • Two private single staterooms (11’ x 6’)

ALL staterooms have private ensuite facilities, air-conditioning controls, DVD player, and are carpeted

Carpeted and air-conditioned throughout the vessel

Large dining area with full commercial galley

A separate entertainment lounge with TV, VCR (PAL & NTSC), DVD, stereo, library and bar

Dive facilities include

Odyssey Dive Deck Facilities Include:
  • Personal dive lockers
  • Two gear rinse tanks
  • Large, convenient dive platform
  • Two dive ladders
  • Fixed safety/deco bar
  • Tanks filled at your seat
  • Freshwater shower
  • Warm deck towels
  • Nitrox, for certified Nitrox divers
  • DIN or yoke valves
  • Tanks (alum 80 and steel 108), weights, and belts
  • Certifications available
Technical Diving Facilities Include:
  • Double aluminum 80 tank systems
  • Dual valve isolation manifolds, DIN or yoke
  • Aluminum 30’s for deco gases
  • Fixed deco bar
Photo Facilities Include
  • Large 3-tier camera table
  • Two camera rinse tanks
  • Battery charging station


The Odyssey - Diving

The dive deck is located to the stern of the main deck, and has individual tank ranks, seats and storage facilities. Most diving occurs from the ship therefore you can leave your equipment set up during your stay.

After your dive, you can rinsing off under the fresh water showers.

The day aboard begins at 7.00am with a hot breakfast and the first dive briefing on the sun deck at 7.45am. Usually you are able to have 2 dives before lunch, where you will usually move to a new site. After lunch there is the option to do another dive or relax on the sun deck and usually a late afternoon dive is available. Around 6.30pm is dinner and then you can relax in the lounge with a movie or you may have the option of a night dive.

However, there is no typical day aboard The Odyssey, and schedules will vary depending on site, and requested activities. We have the whole boat, so can choose the best bits!

For more information and booking information please contact us...

Estimated costs are

Odyssey Liveaboard including diving (5 dives a day) $3395    (approximately £2425 at exchange rate of 1.4)

Plus 5% sales TAX $169.75 USD

Plus $50 Chuuk Dive Permit $50

Plus flights - Budget £1200 - £1700 depending Flights, Options and Stop Overs,

Single Supplement £100, only 2 single cabins.

Allow a minimum of 12-14 Days depending on flights, Options and Stop Overs, (Of course more if you choose to add the extra week before or after).

You can book your own flights or we can arrange.

It is to early for firm prices as we cannot book Hotels or Flights until about 12 months before the trip..If we wait for firm prices the boat will be already be full, it's that popular :)

Payment Schedule is (All payments are none refundable)

£200 (None refundable deposit) due Now to book a place, only16 spaces many already booked. (We have already had to pay the deposit for the boat).

another £300 by 1st July 2018

another £500 by 1st April 2019

Balance of approximately £935 due by 1st December 2019  (Final balance will depend on USD exchange rates at the time each payment is made to the Odyssey).

Flight costs will need to be paid at time of booking the flights. 

Please talk to Trevor for more information 01202 473030