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On Route to Truk Lagoon Upgrade - Magic Oceans Resort Anda Philippines

Trip Eclusively for TAL Scuba at Magic Oceans Resort Anda Philippines

This is an Upgrade for flights and a week in the Philippines on route. This is added to our Truk Lagoon Holiday.

I have left the original Truk page for reference this is just the extra bit. Flights only to Truk are about £1600-£1700 (Changes every day) so this upgrade is really about £1300 (£3000-1700) and includes all flights to TRUK as well as Philippinies. this covers Group 1 and Group 2. This is only for those already booked on to Truk. Please see our Separate Holiday to the Philippines if you want to join us on the first week with either group 1 or group 2

Questions? Please call Karen on 01202 4703030 or email Please talk to us before booking so we can advise you if any changes have been made and so we know who is going.

We want to make sure you have a great time and a holiday of a lifetime - Book today, Call Karen on 01202 473030

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