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Whether a Shooter or Scuba Diver, you will require gas for your sport! - At TAL Shooting and Scuba we can fill any cylinder up to 300 bar with the finest of air, Nitrox or Trimix available for you!

With our own filling station equiped with compressor, banks and 6 whips we can fill your cylinders in next to no time! We are members of the Dorset Trading Standards Divers clean air scheme which ensure you get only the very best available, filtered and tested regularily by an external labortitory it ensures that every fill will be perfect for breathing, or putting through your rifle.


We operate a really simple fill policy, if the cylinder is in date we will fill it, and there is only one price to remember!

Sub 3ltr 3ltr 5ltr 7ltr 10ltr 12ltr 15ltr 18ltr
£1.50 £3.00


To fill a cylinder of 100% oxygen it is charged at 2p per litre.

So for example 150 bar for a MKVI rebreather cylinder it would be £9 from empty. For a 50 bar top up from 100 bar it will only be £3.


For Our Scuba Divers we can fill any percentage from hypoxic to 100% O2. Enriched Air

Depending on the fill required, we charge per litre of O2 used, plus £1.00 for the air. We find this keeps it cheap for you and means you can get the fills you really need! Be it a nice 32% blend for a dive or a cool 100% for an accellerated Deco mix.


We dont have a massive call for this, so we dont have it in stock all the time. We can fill it if required, please call us and we can ensure we have it available for you.


In order to purchase enriched air nitrox and trimix fills, your cylinder(s) must be oxygen cleaned, and you must also be able to present a training certification card appropriate for the required gas.