Coal Air Rifle and Pistol Pellets

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The product of 21 years of innovation.

Coal have over 21 years of experience and product development in Airgun pellets, with their pellets having being used to win a number of medals. Produced with accurate sharp edges, key to ensure minimum friction between the pellet and the rifled bore of the Airgun to deliver the best velocity, power and consistency.

The position of the air rifle pellet skirt / seal is also very important and has been carefully designed and tested to give a slightly oversized skirt for better seal between the bore and rifling so that power is not lost around the skirt. This in turn gives more consistent velocity between shots. Weight consistency is also key, with Coal WP pellets having excellent weight accuracy and are produced to such a high level that on .177 / 4.5mm pellets the variation is less than +/- 4 milligrams (0.004 grams) variation in weight... and +/- 5 milligrams in .22 / 5.5mm. Pellet quality was independently tested by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia and Home Ministry..

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