Air Rifle and Pistol Pellets

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Selecting the right pellet is important when it comes to owning an Air Rifle or Pistol. There are a variety of calibre's, head shapes, weights and types of pellet that will effect the accuracy and group size from your airgun. We've been hard at work updating our range of pellets to allow you to easily find your preferred choice of pellet for your particular Air Rifle or Air Gun.

Air Rifle / Pistol Pellet Sizing

Air Rifle and Pistol Pellets are often measured by their diameter (Calibre) in either imperial (1/100th of an inch) or Metric (1/100th of a millimetre), and are manufactured to a tolerance of these measurements. If a Pellet is shown as 5.5mm, that means that the pellet was measured and rounded up to the nearest 1/10th of a millimetre. This is important as some barrels might struggle with a pellet who under tighter scrutiny measures as 5.57mm. If however the pellet shows a measurement of 5.52mm, then the pellet has been measured to 1/100th of a millimetre and allows users to choose different sizes for testing and consistency.

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