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Alongside our Newsletter, we send out emails about Shooting and Scuba products, promotions, discounts and events. We want our customers to be as up-to-date as possible, but if you would prefer not to receive these emails, then please complete the following form accordingly. Please Note: some emails are still sent for legitimate business interest, e.g for shipping notices about orders placed, critical product information (e.g recalls) and select other notifications.

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If at any time you want to request a copy of the data we hold on file for you, please submit a request using our Contact Page. After collecting the information stored, we'll send it to you in a simple-to-read format

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With the implementation of GDPR we can offer customers the option to delete their data from our systems. This option can be requested via our Contact Page however we will need to retain data for any orders placed for record-keeping purposes and may ask for proof of identity to prevent abuse of this option.

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