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Black powder shooters are a unique breed of competitor as they by choice have selected an aspect of cowboy action shooting that is inherently more difficult. One such shooter is called Red River Drifter also known as Terry Nibarger. He was the 2001 and 2002 End of Trail Frontiersman Champion. Red River Drifter has been shooting cowboy action for more than 10 years and he now specializes in the black powder category. 
In this program, you’ll learn shooting techniques along with shortcuts and tricks he has perfected shooting black powder competition. You see 
how to load cap and ball revolvers, lever action rifles, and double barrel shotguns. Plus, you see how to clean and care for all three guns, 
a selection of accessories that will make your life a lot better on the range and in the loading room, practice techniques, and lots more, all designed to make you a better black powder shooter.

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